Inspire Your Activism this October with Online Events!

Inspire Your Activism this October with Online Events!

We’ve got lots in store for you and your vegan activism this October. Join in two online summits to heal the planet, as well as explore new strategies to revolutionize our agriculture system, and meet motivational guru Justice King.

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October 2 – 11: Vegan World 2026 Online Summit: Exploring Solutions

Animal agriculture is responsible for approximately 51% of all known negative greenhouse gas effects. Climate Change is at a critical point and we must act now. Join Climate Healer's live interactive interview series to help design a new system of normalized non-violence and reverse climate change.

October 3: Discover the Veganic Agriculture Movement with Miles Lewis

Given our imperiled planet, how can we create a win-win solution for people, other animals, and the environment? If you want to accelerate the shift from a destructive to a regenerative food system, join our webinar with educator Miles Lewis who introduces the veganic agriculture movement to preserve biodiversity, eliminate industrial chemicals, restore water cycles, and end animal suffering.

October 7 – 12: Visionary Vegan Woman Online Summit

Calling all women to heed the call of your soul and reclaim your passion, purpose, and power! In this free online event hosted by Kate Ballo, 23 visionary women leaders reveal how they embrace a life of compassion and courage to create a world where all beings are treated as equals, despite what the cultural norm dictates. Join this powerful, paradigm-shifting conversation!

October 17: Motivational Guru Justice King Promotes Veganism

Want to realize your greatest potential? Motivational guru Justice King shares his vegan story and tips for mind, body, and soul personal wellness during our Carnivores Anonymous online meeting.

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