WATCH: Sermons Promoting Animal Compassion Win Awards!

WATCH: Sermons Promoting Animal Compassion Win Awards!

We're thrilled to share two winning sermons fostering compassion for all animals from our Interfaith Vegan Coalition’s first-ever sermon contest. The messages of peace and lovingkindness in sermons by award recipients Dr. Will Tuttle and Timothy J. Verret are needed now more than ever to promote peace for all beings in our war-torn world.

Dr. Will Tuttle won the award in the Vegan category — how your faith supports or encourages a vegan lifestyle. Timothy J. Verret won the award in the Compassion for All Animals category — how your faith embraces compassion for all beings.

Here’s a short video compilation of the winning sermons.

Winner Timothy J. Verret passed away and received the award posthumously. Fellow Creation Care Church members accepted the award on his behalf and bestowed the prize to Good Acres Sanctuaries as a donation toward its noble work for animals.

Enjoy this moving video of the awards ceremony with acceptance speeches from recipients.

Our virtual awards ceremony touched hearts deeply on October 29, 2023, during Climate Healer’s quarterly Vegan Convergence of the Peoples (V-COP 15). Interfaith Vegan Coalition co-founders Lisa Levinson and Judy Carman honored award recipient Dr. Tuttle and guests to represent Timothy Verret, including Lead Creation Care Church Pastor Craig Wescoe, Good Acres Sanctuaries Co-founder/Co-owner Diana Shaffner, and coalition member Vonettia Calloway. 

During the ceremony, Diana told a moving story about Timothy’s sudden strong connection with the blind cow Misty who lived at the sanctuary and who coincidentally died shortly after the two met in person. Diana believes these two souls were destined to meet on their spiritual journeys!

Seasoned leaders and new voices from diverse traditions were encouraged to apply and deliver their sermons from 2021 - 2022. Interfaith Vegan Coalition member organizations reviewed the contest entries and voted on the winners over the summer. Winners received an award and a cash prize of $500.

The contest was sponsored by Interfaith Vegan Coalition, Unitarian Universalist Animal Ministries (UUAM), and Jewish Veg and was modeled directly after the longstanding annual UUAM sermon contest with assistance from coalition member Shamayim: Jewish Animal Advocacy. 

You may also watch and share the winning sermons to spread the message of compassion for all animals to your friends and family this holiday season.

We’re grateful for your continued support of our faith-based vegan advocacy. Our Interfaith Vegan Coalition collaborates with fifty spiritual and religious organizations to ensure that animal sentience is discussed in every tradition. 

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