Join Us for Golden Rule Day Plus Our April Events

Join Us for Golden Rule Day Plus Our April Events

Do you think the Golden Rule, “Treat others as you would like to be treated,” includes animals? We do! That’s why our Interfaith Vegan Coalition encourages people of faith to embrace animals in their circle of compassion. Read on to join Golden Rule Day and to explore our April events we’re hosting to support your activism!

We’re excited to share the good news that Golden Rule Day just added “caring for animals” to its line-up for the annual online 24-hour live event, when people from around the world answer the question, “Why the Golden Rule Matters Now?” via discussions, music, poetry, prayers, and ceremonies. Don’t miss our video during this live international broadcast!

April 4: Financial Abundance Mindset for Animal Activists with vegan activist and educator Karen Ellis-Ritter

April 4-5: Celebrate Golden Rule Day with our Interfaith Vegan Coalition

April 11: Heal Activist Burnout and Find Inner Peace Through Yoga with author and yogini Anna Ferguson


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