Join Us for Two Activist Events!

Join Us for Two Activist Events!

As demands on our time ramp up this fall, we’re offering key ways to reduce stress, practice self-care, and improve our advocacy efforts. The animals who we protect depend upon our emotional and physical wellness. With helpful tools to sustain our activism, we can win victories on their behalf. Check out our two special activist events coming up in November!

• November 1 (online): Sustainable Activism Webinar, Faunaccion Boosts Mexican Animal Activism with antispeciesist/queer activist Wotko who shares strategies for international activists 

• November 10 (San Diego, California): Mindfulness & Self-Care Retreat for Animal Activists with Bob Isaacson, Dharma Voices for Animals co-founder, activist/photographer Kery Shaw, and aromatherapist/vet tech Robyn Timmons who provide tools to help animals without depleting yourself

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