Join Us for Two Activist Support Events in June!

Join Us for Two Activist Support Events in June!

As activists, we’ve learned to get by with minimal support, but this comes with a price. Over time, merely getting by can degrade our health and wellbeing, which eventually impacts our ability to help animals.


We're offering two events to provide the preventative medicine we need to continue helping animals –both will involve utilizing an activist network for support and teaching communication skills for healthy relationships.


We’re so excited to offer the following two free events to support our activist community, both facilitated by psychotherapist and author April Lang, who specializes in the intersection between veganism, animal rights, and psychotherapy.


Sustainable Activism Webinar, “Expectations and Assumptions:  Powerful, Primal, and Potentially Perilous,” on June 1st. April Lang will explore the common expectations and assumptions of vegans and animal advocates and how they may be detrimentally impacting our lives and relationships. Together, we’ll look at ways to improve those relationships.


Animal Activist Support Circle meets every Monday in June, starting June 5th, to address personal concerns you face as an activist with family, friends, and society. This free, weekly support group is an excellent opportunity for you to discuss emotional challenges you’re having with veganism, animal advocacy, and institutionalized animal abuse in the company of fellow activists and with the expertise of psychotherapist April Lang. You can come prepared with a topic for group discussion, or send an email with your ideas beforehand to

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