Stop the Bow Hunting of Deer by City of Charlottesville

Stop the Bow Hunting of Deer by City of Charlottesville

Bow hunting is one of the most inhumane and utterly barbaric ways to kill any animal. Injury rates are very high and many deer are tracked for long periods by the blood trails they leave. Sadly, the City of Charlottesville now allows citizens to obtain free licenses to bow hunt deer on their property, and so property owners with a half-acre or more of property to their names can brutally bow-hunt deer. To add to the misery, the city has earmarked $50,000.00 to hire a hunting firm to sharpshoot deer. Let’s join forces with local activists to tell the Mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia and the Charlottesville City Council that bow-hunting of deer is both profoundly inhumane and utterly ineffective in reducing deer/auto collisions.

The City of Charlottesville suffers from urban sprawl and some residents don’t want to share their yards with deer. Many motorists drive with little or no regard for the needs of wild animals. Shooting deer with arrows in neighborhoods is not going to replace the need for cautious, slow driving in areas where wild animals live. Additionally, this can't be safe for animal companions, children, or other adults. More effective alternatives include installing deer reflectors along roads and encouraging drivers to slow down and watch for wildlife.

We stand in solidarity with local activists like Cindy Fain, who know that deer have just as much right as any human to live on the land that has been taken up by the human City of Charlottesville. When activists support each other, we can move mountains for animals like these innocent, defenseless urban deer. We must insist on solutions that focus on living compassionately alongside the deer!

What You Can Do:

1. Please call the Clerk of Council Paige Rice to tell the Mayor of Charlottesville, the City Council, and the City Manager that you oppose the use of bow hunts and sharp shooters on deer in Charlottesville, Virginia. If no one answers, stay on the line to leave a message in the general voicemail.

Clerk of Council, Paige Rice: (434) 970-3113

2. Sign our alert to the Mayor of Charlottesville, the City Council, and the City Manager, by filling out the form on the right-hand side of this page, to oppose the use of bow hunts and sharpshooters on deer in Charlottesville. Please share our alert on Facebook and through other social media outlets. 


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