Thank Ephrata Fair for Ending Pig Chases!

Thank Ephrata Fair for Ending Pig Chases!

For 39 years, the Ephrata Fair, held in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, included an annual pig chase. Grease-covered pigs were put in the middle of a field surrounded by hundreds of spectators while children and adults chased, tackled, and plummeted them into the ground for hours. Each pig screamed in terror, with many getting covered in scrapes and cuts, while everyone around them laughed and cheered wildly. We must encourage the Ephrata Fair Committee to pledge to permanently remove animal chases from its fair schedule!

Two years ago, Animal Action of Greater Reading’s Kelly Lehman collected footage at the chase and was so horrified by what she witnessed that she jumped the fence surrounding the event to speak out against it and was immediately arrested. The footage of Kelly’s arrest and of the barbaric chases that night sparked a massive campaign to end them.

With the help of In Defense of Animals, other animal rights groups, and outraged Ephrata residents, the Fair decided to remove the chase from the fair schedule last year. Local activists need your support to ensure that the Fair Committee continues to leave abusive animal chases off its schedule. Their hope is that by thanking the fair organizers for listening and by reminding them that we’re still watching, the victory will lead to a permanent policy.

What YOU Can Do

Regardless of where you live, please sign the letter, by filling out the form on the right-hand side of this page, to help local activists keep their campaign alive! Please join us in taking a moment to thank the Ephrata Fair for its continued decision in leaving animal chasing events off of the fair schedule.


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