We're Dishing Up Activist Support for the Holidays!

We're Dishing Up Activist Support for the Holidays!

As we approach the holiday season, we’re here to support your animal activism. First, we interview Reverend Michael Berenzweig, who is confident his studies show that Jesus embraced a vegan lifestyle  and then we’ll gather for our annual Thanksgiving support group.

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November 14: Reverend Michael Berenzweig Concludes Jesus Was Vegan

Have you ever wondered whether Jesus was vegan? After extensive research, Reverend Michael Berenzweig has concluded that Jesus encouraged his followers to embrace a vegan lifestyle. Join our interview with Michael, who shares his research collection and personal vegan story!

November 28: Get Support on Thanksgiving!

For many of us, the traditional Thanksgiving meal with a dead turkey on the table is a day of mourning rather than celebration. What if you could spend this national holiday with people who agree with your vegan values? Join our support group to share your true feelings about this holiday when animals are consumed for human celebrations of gratitude.

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