Victory! Wild Horse Defender Deb Haaland Confirmed as Interior Secretary!

Victory! Wild Horse Defender Deb Haaland Confirmed as Interior Secretary!

Last month, we let you know that a few U.S. senators were trying to block Rep. Deb Haaland's confirmation as Secretary of the Department of the Interior. These obstinate senators are beholden to special interests that want wild horses rounded up and removed from our public lands for their private gain. You answered our call to contact your senators to support her nomination, and now we’re celebrating a historic victory with her official confirmation to the Cabinet this week!

Haaland is a member of the Laguna Pueblo tribe in New Mexico and her confirmation marks a historic moment in the rights of native nations and Indigenous peoples. She is the first ever Native American woman to hold the role of interior secretary.

Haaland is a long-time staunch supporter of America's wild horses and burros, and will be stepping into this role at a critical time for them. The Interior Department oversees the Bureau of Land Management, which is responsible for massive removals of wild horses from their native ranges on public lands. Our call to action asked you to reach out to your senators and urge them to confirm Haaland. 

For the past few decades, wild horses have been brutally chased by helicopters in horrifying roundups and separated forever from the freedom and family they hold so dear. Many thousands now languish in pitiful pens, all at taxpayer expense. 

Currently, Interior policy prioritizes private special interests on our public lands. However, the American public overwhelmingly supports wild horses on these lands. We have great hope that Secretary Haaland will crackdown on the special interest groups that misuse our public lands for personal profit.

Sometimes animal advocates get discouraged when our voices are disregarded. Almost all Republicans in the Senate voted against Haaland’s nomination. Still, our pressure on Congress shows that our voices are heard, and we can make a difference!

Thank you to all who took action for this outstanding victory. In Defense of Animals will not stop advocating for protections for America's iconic wild horse and burros.

You can find out more about the work we’re doing at our Wild Horses & Burros campaign, and help us keep the pressure on by making a donation.