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In Defense of Animals Protects Wild Horses and Burros

Wild horses and burros face a looming threat to their survival, and with them, all Americans face a despicable threat to a treasured living link to our past. Wild equines are being threatened with having their Federal protections stripped so they can be gunned down on the range or sent to slaughter until their populations reach near-extinction levels. Our nation’s heritage animals have been scapegoated to deflect attention from public land damage caused by ranchers and extractive industries and decades of government mismanagement.

In Defense of Animals is mobilizing supporters to stop the wild horse execution order. We are speaking out to counter the misinformation promulgated by those who profit from exploiting our public lands. We are demanding that federal agencies carry out their duty to protect and preserve wild horses and burros. Together with a coalition of animal welfare groups, conservationists, and equine advocates, we propose on-range management that is humane and science-based. Please join our fight for solutions, not slaughter.