20,000 Animals Saved Thanks to You!

20,000 Animals Saved Thanks to You!

We have served justice to animal abusers… restored sight to cats and dogs… achieved historic protection measures for dolphins, whales and elephants... and so much more.

This year, your support made it possible for In Defense of Animals to aid over 20,000 animals all around the world. You saved horses, dogs, cats, goats, pigs and sheep caught in Hurricane Harvey and the California wildfires… You exposed cruelty to animals on “free range” farms… You protected forests so that chimpanzees can live safely...

Then net is closing around animal abusers, and animals are living safe and free from harm - all thanks to you!

Your support enabled In Defense of Animals to launch two groundbreaking new programs that save animal lives and humans too. We cannot thank you enough.

In our special year-end video, we look back on some of the wonderful stories you made possible in 2017. We hope you enjoy each and every one. Thank you for standing beside us as we fight for the animals.

Animals face huge challenges in 2018. Please make a gift now and your donation will be doubled!

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