Demand Justice for Trapped Cat Sadistically Scalded

Demand Justice for Trapped Cat Sadistically Scalded

Demand Justice for Trapped Cat Sadistically Scalded

In December, the horrific scalding video of a trapped cat in Moss Point, Mississippi was posted on Snapchat where it was spotted by a concerned person who shared the content among animal advocates. They immediately began flooding the Moss Point Police Department with calls for justice. Eventually, even the District Attorney became involved despite the fact that in Mississippi this crime is only a misdemeanor under the 2011 passage of MSSS 97-41-16. We still must seek the mandatory penalty available!

A first offense act of aggravated animal cruelty is never more than a misdemeanor in Mississippi no matter how sadistic the act is, or despite how many animals are involved.<

At hand is the prosecution of the three individuals who committed this diabolical crime against their helpless victim. It is not known how suspects Laderrick Oneal Rostchild, (a felon) and Larry Rostchild Jr. obtained the terrified cat. They may have stolen a trap already containing the cat as part of a community cat sterilization project, or borrowed the trap and set it themselves from an unsuspecting source.

The third party to this crime was Karmen Coleman who filmed the nephew and uncle duo dousing the live trapped cat with two pots of boiling water while they mocked the suffering of the cat. Laderrick laughed as he kicked the cage and called the cat crazy. Steam from the boiling water rose as the water soaked into the flesh of the helpless cat, causing thermal burns to the majority of the cat's body.

Coleman's Snapchat post was spotted, copied, and the Moss Point Police Department was notified of the crime which was determined to have taken place at 6237 Henry Street, in Moss Point, Mississippi. The investigation led to the arrest of Coleman on a charge of rendering assistance with the crime, a charge which could impose a $1,000 fine and up to a year in jail on her.
Larry Rostchild surrendered to authorities and was charged with first offense aggravated cruelty to a cat, a crime punishable by a maximum $2,500 fine and up to only six months incarceration. Laderrick Rostchild, a felon with a history of domestic violence, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, contempt of court, trespass, credit card fraud, and theft fled. In Defense of Animals posted a reward for the arrest and conviction of Laderrick Rostchild. Within an hour of media coverage Laderrick was given up by two informants.

Karmen Coleman and Larry Rostchild Jr. will be arraigned February 14, 2017n Moss Point Municipal Court and Laderrick will be joining them. Please join us in letting Moss Point Interim Police Chief Brandon Ashley know we expect the diabolical trio to be prosecuted to the fullest.

Mississippi Senator Angela Hill has reintroduced her amendment to MSSS 97-41-16 to change the bill passed in 2011 making a first offense crime of aggravated cruelty to a dog or a cat a misdemeanor and stripping the then existing statute of the right to charge a count of cruelty for each victimized animal. In Defense of Animals – Justice for Animals Campaign is aligning with coalitions, organizations, officials, and citizens across the state for the passage of this yet unnumbered bill.

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