Choose Love from a Rescued Animal Instead

Choose Love from a Rescued Animal Instead

Thinking of getting a new furry friend or two? Before going to a local pet shop or breeder, you should know this: animals from community shelters are the best choice. If you were thinking of buying pedigreed animal companions from a breeder or pet shop, be warned. You may not like what you’re getting into.

Rescued animals come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

There is no shortage of lovable and unique creatures in shelters, so you are almost guaranteed to find your perfect friends on your first visit. You’ll find animals of many more species than you'd think, and of all breeds, sizes, colors and shapes.

Personality matters.

Adopt from a shelter and you’ll get an idea of who you’re inviting to share your life. Do they get on well with other animals? Are they good with children? What energy level do they have? Buying from a pet store or breeder is a gamble as to what personalities you will get. Many pedigree animals from pet stores and breeders are abandoned when their personalities develop and the purchasers discovers that they are not good personality fits.

Pet shop animals may be subjected to cruelty.

Animals from pet stores may have been treated cruelly all their lives; many are bred in puppy mills where mothers are used and abused as breeding machines. They pump out litter after litter with little veterinary care in factory farm-like conditions. Many shelter animals have been treated with love and kindness.

Set a good example.

By adopting animals from the animal shelter, you’re showing everyone in your area a better example. Spread some animal compassion!

Fight overpopulation.

Avoid buying animals from a breeder. As it is today, we have way too many homeless animals. When you adopt from a shelter, you’re saving lives and helping to keep animals from premature deaths.

Shelters are great support sources.

Questions will come up. “How do I stop the puppies from peeing on the carpet?" By calling the shelter, you’ll get the answers you need.

Shelter animals are healthier.

Before you rescued your new animal companion, she or he was checked from head to toe. All health problems were taken care of. Your friend was de-wormed, given shots and either spayed or neutered, depending on his or her gender.

Dollar wise, there’s no comparison.

Buying a purebred animal can cost thousands of dollars, which is a big price tag. If you decide to rescue an animal, you’ll pay a lot less, depending on the species. Usually you'll spend between $30 to $200 at the most. There’s just no comparison!

Help your local shelter.

Animal shelters are chronically underfunded, even though they do so much good for communities and homeless animals. Even though the fees are set to be affordable, every penny is turned back into helping the shelter to buy supplies, medical supplies and food for the animals.

Plus, when you adopt one or more animals who have been housed there, you’re enabling the shelter to create space for each new animal needing shelter.

Now that you know, we hope you’ll rush off to your local shelter and meet your new four-legged friends! When adopting, be sure to consider your new friend's needs and adopt in pairs unless your companion will get socialization with other animals of the same species outside the house.

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