Double Your Impact! Holiday Gift Match Is Underway!

Double Your Impact! Holiday Gift Match Is Underway!

This has been such an incredible year for In Defense of Animals because of your dedicated support and commitment. ! Through fires, floods, and hurricanes, we have endured disasters and tragedies together - the likes of which many of us never thought possible. Collectively we have triumphed as desperate animals who were hungry, alone, and often times gravely injured, found safety at an In Defense of Animals sanctuary. Each and every day you make the miracle happen, as your steadfast commitment fuels the fires of our lifesaving work!

Everyone knows that In Defense of Animals is relatively small by many standards, but with supporters like you in our corner, we can stand toe to toe against any abuse, against any crime. With you on our team, we become a powerful force against those who would senselessly harm our animal friends.

…and this year is proving to be even more special….

Several kind and wonderful donors (just like you!) have pledged this year to double all holiday gifts up to $40,000, making your impact twice what it normally would be. Our supporters are truly our greatest strength.

So, now's the time to double your gift, and double your impact! Double the Rescues! Double the good!

Please hurry before this opportunity slips away - we have until just midnight New Year’s Eve to raise the much needed funds that will carry our lifesaving work through the holiday season and into the New Year, and you have until that same time to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity!

The clock is ticking! Please help us as we close the books on 2017 and get 2018 off to a banner start!

Animal abusers don't take the holidays off and neither do we! Our sanctuaries and the rescue staff and volunteers who work there care for animals each and every day.


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