Animals Need Your Help in Wake of Hurricane Ian

Animals Need Your Help in Wake of Hurricane Ian

The devastating impact of Hurricane Ian, a dangerous Category 4 storm with 155 mph winds and massive flooding, has devastated areas of Florida. Now, many animals and their guardians are still in desperate need of help. 

Evacuating people from harm’s way during and after natural disasters like Hurricane Ian is extremely difficult, if not impossible. Moving their animal companions from households and shelters not adequately set up to weather hurricanes or properly evacuate during times of danger adds yet another heartbreaking aspect to these challenges. Tragically, animal companions are often left to face terrifying flooding and winds alone as their unprepared guardians abandon them while searching for safety. 

Grateful dog with rescuers.

In Defense of Animals supports emergency disaster relief all over the country and the world. Thanks to generous donations from compassionate advocates like you, we are able to fund life-saving rescue efforts in areas impacted by natural disasters. We are currently working with Kinship Circle Disaster Animal Response Team to save as many animals as possible in Florida who have faced unimaginable destruction and challenges due to Hurricane Ian.

Please make a quick donation today to help emergency rescuers save as many lives as possible.

Lucky dog being rescued.

If you and your animal companion have been impacted by Hurricane Ian, please check this list of animal emergency shelters and resources for evacuees in Florida.

To prepare for natural disasters in your area, please check out our guide, Disaster Preparedness for Animal Companions.