This Parliament Member is a Hero for Animals!

This Parliament Member is a Hero for Animals!

Heroes For Abused Animal Companions Exist in South Korea!

In South Korea, Parliament Member Chang-won Pyo has introduced amendments addressing a wide range of animal welfare issues. Here at In Defense of Animals, we applaud these efforts especially since Korea is a country where dog and cat meat consumption still exists. This is another welcomed step forward towards a long path in ending the dog and cat meat industry, and ideally the sale and exploitation of ALL animals.


Here's a partial general translation of relevant animal issues to Korea

Introduced animal issues that have become a hot topic among netizens during the past few weeks.

1. "Animal Protection Act" request by Member of Parliament, Pyo, Chang-Won: "Animals' rights must be protected like human beings"

Pyo, Chang-Won, Member of Parliament of Deobul-EoMinJuDang( Deobul-Eo Democratic Party) has urged the amendment of the Animal Protection Act.

On January 19, 2017, Pyo, Chang-Won, Parliament Member posted a picture taken with his companion dog named Mocha on his social network page, and urged members of Parliament who are in Agriculture, Forestry, Livestock and Fisheries Committee of the Parliament to review and amend Animal Protection Act.

Senator Pyo stated that, "Every time I see Mocha (previously rescued from death), it hurts my heart because reminds me of all abused and abandoned pets. I wish that we live our lives with keeping one thing, very basic, primitive and important, which is humanity for all."

Senator Pyo followed by stating to the members of the Agriculture, Forestry, Livestock and Fisheries Committee, that "I bow down with Mocha to sincerely request to review and revise current Animal Protection Act."

Previously on August 31st of last year, Senator Pyo enacted an initiative to amend the current Animal Protection Act, that includes enhancement of basic principles of the Act, enhance animal (dogs and cats) registration requirement to all dogs and cats that are 2 months or older, and tighter reinforcement and punishment for animal abuse cases.

However, all 15 initiatives of Animal Protection Act amendments requested during 20th parliament are awaiting recommendations of the Agriculture, Forestry, Livestock and Fisheries Committee of the Parliament.

Therefore, this post on his personal social media clearly shows his firm willingness to amend the Act.

Netizens are reacting to his post by stating, "Animals' rights need to be protected like humans", "Thank you for giving your attention to the animals" and "It is about time to change the Animal Protection Act".