UPDATE: Hero Vet Thanks You for Aiding 120 Desperate Animals in Ukraine

UPDATE: Hero Vet Thanks You for Aiding 120 Desperate Animals in Ukraine

Earlier this month, we shared news of veterinarian Vladyslav Matviichuk, who is courageously working to save the lives of animals in war-torn Ukraine. We provided Dr. Matviichuk with a grant to obtain much-needed supplies and equipment to facilitate his lifesaving work in Kyiv. Now he has a special message of thanks to share with you for your generous support.

“Thanks for your help. We have much great news from our work and activity.

As you know, more than 100 animals have got food and other things for their comfortable life. Also, we sent for stray animals not only food, but medicines against fleas and worms. When we shared the information that we provided food and goods for animals, we received a lot of requests for help for animals from Vasylkiv, Bucha, Dymer, Ostroh. All of them need food. It is hundreds of animals. We want to help everyone and we do all our best to provide care and food for poor animals.

With your help and support I was able to provide treatment, surgery and vet check-ups for more than 120 animals during the last month. Thank you very much for this ability.

My wife Iryna was in Poland a few days ago with a purpose - to buy me some equipment and surgical instruments, because we couldn't buy them in Ukraine. Thanks for your donation, now we have the infusomat, the microscope, a replaceable tool for a diathermocoagulator with which operations are faster and easier, and many surgical instruments. We have a very big problem with diagnostics, and now we can partially make certain diagnostics with a microscope. Also, this week we have got a new supply of medicines, surgical sutures  and much more necessary things for work.

Thank you and our supporters again for such a grateful help, for your work. You are amazing people.

All the best,

Dr Vladyslav Matviichuk.”

Since Dr. Matviichuk and his small team shared their needs in a video interview, your support has flooded in. 

Our friends at World Animal News featured our appeal and rushed a generous matching gift of our initial $5,000 distribution for animals in Dr. Matviichuk’s care.

Caring In Defense of Animals supporters have aided over 120 animals with food, surgical and diagnostic equipment, medical supplies, and life saving surgeries through this hero vet.

The war is still raging in Ukraine, harming more animals each day. With veterinary practices shuttering, there are fewer resources for animals suffering from diseases, abandonment, or having their homes destroyed.