WATCH: Animals are the Forgotten Victims of Conflict and War

WATCH: Animals are the Forgotten Victims of Conflict and War

In Defense of Animals is working on your behalf to provide desperately-needed emergency funds to on-the-ground groups and individuals helping war-torn animals and their guardians in Ukraine. We are directly aiding Vladyslav Matviichuk, D.V.M., who has bravely chosen to stay to help and provide critical support and care to the animal victims suffering in this conflict. He and his small team in the Kyiv warzone are now facing a serious shortage of supplies.

Watch Dr. Matviichuk’s inspiring story.

Despite the risks to his own safety and the challenges he’s facing, Dr. Matviichuk is still heroically providing veterinary care to animals for free.

Thousands of animals have been left, some on chains, struggling as bullets fly past them. Imagine the panic of animals whose guardians evacuated and left them behind to fend for themselves. Imagine others who now make their home on bombed-out streets with nowhere safe to go.

Some animals are trapped at besieged zoos with supplies dwindling or already gone.

Animals are the forgotten victims of conflict and war. But some very brave Ukrainian people who are suffering tremendously right now are showing the world how important animals are to them. Your generosity today enables us to offer aid at this critical time. 

As you read this, many more animals are in trouble and need your help.

Your support in this time of crisis makes it possible for us to save animal lives. We hope that Dr. Matviichuk’s story inspires you to make a lifesaving donation today!

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