Building Trust with a Betrayed Dog

Building Trust with a Betrayed Dog

Imagine the fear and betrayal you would feel if you were taken from your home and dumped by your family. Our animal caregivers at Hope Animal Sanctuary are often faced with challenging situations involving animals who have been abandoned by those they love, including the recent rescue of a tiny, frightened dog named Buddy.

On the afternoon of October 24, our caregivers discovered a small dog running down the road toward the Sanctuary gate.  As our staff members moved toward the gate, the terrified little dog turned and ran away, prompting an immediate search.

Soon we saw the small Chihuahua mix, but again, he ran away out of fear.  After several failed attempts, we made the decision to set a humane trap. By the end of the day, the trap was still empty, and with heavy rains moving in, we decided to remove it.  In hopes the dog would return and seek shelter, we left food and bedding on the porch of the sanctuary.

During the night, several of our wonderful neighbors attempted to catch him and even left food out to lure him to safety, but he continued to run. Early the next morning, our animal caregivers set two traps where the neighbors had seen him.  This time, the trap was successful, and we caught the pup within 45 minutes.

We named the little dog Buddy and began the slow process of gaining his trust.  He is still very nervous and does not understand why his family threw him away.  Frankly, we do not understand how the people who he loved and depended on could abandon him either.

Please donate to In Defense of Animals so that more dogs like Buddy will have a safe haven and a chance at a new life.

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