COVID-19 Has Made It Harder to Save Lives, But It Won’t Stop Us

COVID-19 Has Made It Harder to Save Lives, But It Won’t Stop Us

For rescues and shelters in the Deep South, partnering with groups in the Northeast allows many more dogs and cats to be saved than would otherwise be possible. Now, however, we’re facing challenges getting the animals we rescue at our Hope Animal Sanctuary into new homes in the wake of COVID-19.

Mississippi’s Carroll County, where Hope Animal Sanctuary is located, is a very rural and economically depressed area. It means that there are large numbers of animals in need with fewer potential adopters than there would be in areas with more concentrated populations of more affluent humans. Being able to transport animals to the Northeast is a vital part of our work to find loving homes for abandoned, abused and unwanted dogs and cats.

Sadly, the COVID-19 outbreak has limited the number of adoption transports. Some of our partners have had to close their doors to the public to keep their employees safe, which means fewer adoptions for those groups and a reduction in the number of dogs and cats we can transport. 

While we’re finding our way forward, we do have something to celebrate this month. Our friends at Northwest Hills K-9 Rescue in Connecticut were able to find loving homes for 10 of our dogs! These lucky pups have already left and headed to their new homes.

Laura Higgins, the Rescue’s founder and president, continues to help us even during these turbulent times by reaching out to potential adopters in her area, where there is a much larger concentration of available good homes.

Laura is committed to helping us find guardians for the animals currently in our care, allowing us to continue to save those in our area who need help.

You can help us continue to navigate the unprecedented challenges we’re facing, and help us keep saving precious lives by sponsoring one of the permanent residents at Hope Animal Sanctuary or making a donation.

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