Tiny Rockee Finds a New Family to Love!

Tiny Rockee Finds a New Family to Love!

It is difficult to imagine giving up on an animal, yet it is evident that some people are incapable of providing safe, loving homes. Hope Animal Sanctuary provides short and long-term care for animals who have been abandoned or surrendered. While it is undoubtedly a traumatic experience for animals to suddenly find themselves without homes or guardians, the Sanctuary gives them the love and attention they need to start brand-new lives.

Rockee, an adorable ten week-old-puppy, was surrendered to Animal Control Officer Timothy Pearson by his callous guardians who no longer wanted him. The pound in Winona, Mississippi, as are almost all municipal pounds, is full and at capacity. With a pound full of adult dogs, it was not the place for such a tiny puppy to be housed safely.  Timothy contacted Sharon Stone, Operations Manager of Hope Animal Sanctuary and we were pleased to be able to say, “Yes!”

At our Sanctuary, Rockee is a happy and playful puppy who enjoys all of the attention he gets from our staff. When he is ready and fully vaccinated, he will be leaving us for his new home. Although we will miss him, we are thrilled he will spend his life with people who truly love him.

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