Dog Found With Trap Snapped Shut Over His Head!

Dog Found With Trap Snapped Shut Over His Head!

There are few words that can successfully capture the suffering animals face when they fall victim to human-made animal traps. However, a phone call made recently one late evening would lead one In Defense of Animals’ team member to one such animal, a dog in an awful situation.

Sharon Stone, the Operations Manager for our Hope Animal Sanctuary was the person to receive this call. The caller explained that a stray had appeared at her house several days before and had just returned that night with a trap snapped shut over his head. Knowing that traps can cause severe injuries and even death for any animal, Sharon asked for directions and immediately headed to the location.

Upon arrival, the homeowner led Sharon to the kennel where the dog had taken refuge. Sharon placed some wet food near the entrance of the crate she hoped to take the dog away in. The hungry, emaciated dog approached the food quickly and attempted to satiate his hunger even with the trap restricting his facial movements.

Sharon was shocked to discover that the beaver trap was clamped tightly on both sides of the dog’s muzzle and behind the ears on both sides of his head. These traps, and all wild animal traps cause horrendous suffering and should be banned across the entire country.

A call was immediately made to veterinarian, Dr. Daniel Hill, who was also sent a picture of the dog via text message. He instructed Sharon to bring the dog to him right away. 

Within a few minutes of arrival, Dr. Hill was able to remove the trap. During this process, the dog, now named Toby, never growled, whined, or struggled, even though he must have been in a tremendous amount of pain. An examination revealed there were no broken bones, which was amazing given the force with which these traps exert when sprung. He was emaciated and covered in ticks and his stumbling gait suggested he was in the early stages of tick paralysis. We began removing ticks immediately, then applied flea and tick prevention to get rid of any that we may have missed.

By the next morning his gait was much improved. He walked over to Sharon, his face swollen from the trauma, and rested his head on her knee as she squatted. This gentle, forgiving soul has a long way to go, but with your help he will recover and we will find him a home where he will be safe and loved.

Please make a donation and be a part of Toby’s journey to good health!

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