Dog Lost on Moving Day is Reunited with Her Family

Dog Lost on Moving Day is Reunited with Her Family

A simple post on social media about a lost dog in need of help set off a series of events that helped her find her way back to her family, thanks to the people who shared her story and our Hope Animal Sanctuary. 

The post, which was accompanied by a picture, said the dog had come up to a business in Grenada, MS, and told the story of a sad dog in need who was clearly asking for help.

The poster described caring for the dog over the past couple of days and added that if no one came forward, she would end up at the pound.

Our Hope Animal Sanctuary staff acted immediately and told the poster that we would be happy to take the dog into our sanctuary. We picked her up within the hour and began posting her picture on our own social media channels, which was shared many times by our wonderful followers!

Just two days later, we received a message from a member of the Clark family saying the dog's name was Jessie. The message explained that the family had moved to a new home and soon after the move Jessie went missing. The family had searched for over a month but never found her, or anyone who had seen her.  

We called the sad lost dog by the name Jessie to see if she would respond... and she did! After seeing a picture of Jessie, provided by the family, Sharon contacted them and told them that Jessie was safe at Hope Animal Sanctuary.

Within two hours, Jessie was joyously reunited with her family in the foyer of Hope Animal Sanctuary!

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