Help Us Raise the Roof at Hope Animal Sanctuary

Help Us Raise the Roof at Hope Animal Sanctuary

Help Us Raise the Roof at Hope Animal Sanctuary

A lot has happened in the nearly 25 years since In Defense of Animals opened the doors of its rescue shelter in Grenada, Mississippi. Since its very first day, Hope Animal Sanctuary has been a place of healing and restoration - a place where the tired can rest, the hungry are fed, and the homeless find shelter and a chance for a new life. Hope Animal Sanctuary has been a place of tremendous sadness and profound joy, as stories of rescue and compassion play out with a frequency that is both alarming and heartwarming at the same time.

There is no shortage of abused and neglected animals in America’s rural south, but there is also an unending well of resolve and kindness at Hope Animal Sanctuary. Faced with unimaginable cruelty, the rescue staff at the Sanctuary simply roll up their sleeves and get to doing the hard work of saving innocent lives. It’s been nearly 25 years of joyful pairings as people eager to make that special connection with an animal companion make the hours long drive to the Sanctuary’s remote location, hoping to meet that certain dog or cat.

25 years of triumph in the face of tragedy.

Now our beloved sanctuary is now beginning to show its age.

Our facilities are no longer able to meet the increasing demands that are placed on them. Buildings are failing and our infrastructure is crumbling around us. Hope Animal Sanctuary is in desperate need of a renovation.

With your help, In Defense of Animals will transform Hope Animal Sanctuary into a modern, cutting edge facility with the addition of a dedicated cattery, twenty new cozy, brightly colored community dog houses that will comfortably accommodate four rescued dogs each; allowing every dog to live in a home-like setting while they wait for their loving new guardians, an education center, memorial gardens, tribute paths and so much more

Please consider making a generous donation today to help us raise the funds we need to bring our sanctuary into the 21st century and to help us ensure that hope will never die for abused and neglected animals of America's rural south.

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