Katie Goes Home For Good!

Katie Goes Home For Good!

Approximately five years ago, adorable Katie was abandoned at a veterinary clinic in Canton, Mississippi. One of the clinic technicians working there at the time was a Hope Animal Sanctuary volunteer. The technician noticed that Katie’s delicate skin was raw from neglect and that she’d been living in the dirt and that she also suffered from heart worms. Her treatment would take time, and a cage at a vet clinic was not where she needed to be.

Katie was welcomed with open arms at our Hope Animal Sanctuary, where she remained during her skin and heart worm treatments and recovery. Soon after, Katie was adopted, seemingly to a loving family, with follow up with her adoptive guardians going well. Unfortunately, two years later, the daughter of Katie’s guardians left for college and suddenly Katie was no longer wanted. Disappointingly, you cannot always be certain that the smiling faces and embraces of adoptive guardians are true indicators of responsibility and commitment.

As Katie had once bonded with our In Defense of Animals’ Justice for Animals Campaign Director, Doll Stanley, the founder of the Sanctuary, Katie was fostered in her home until finally her true forever guardians came into her life.

We're thrilled to report that Katie has been adopted into a family with a true heart for her. Pictures and comments have flowed between her new family and Doll Stanley since her adoption. Commitment is a lifetime thing, and every animal deserves true commitment.

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