Cosmetics Tool Saves Newborn Puppies in Peril!

Cosmetics Tool Saves Newborn Puppies in Peril!

When a female dog gave birth and then fell extremely ill, it rendered her unable to feed her 3-day old puppies. Her guardians took to social media begging for help in feeding all six of her tiny pups. Our Hope Animal Sanctuary was alerted to their plight and answered the call!

However, we were shocked when the guardian handed the pups off. We hadn’t been told that they were only three days old and exceptionally tiny. When we asked the breed, the guardian explained that mom was a Chihuahua mix and dad a Chihuahua.

Our Operations Manager, Sharon Stone, immediately realized the puppies were too small to feed with a bottle and began scrambling to devise a plan. While purchasing heating pads, she remembered seeing a video many years ago of feeding puppies using makeup sponges. She purchased two packages of those and headed home to get the tiny babies settled.

The puppies were very hungry, not having been fed for at least 10 hours! Sharon trimmed the sponges into “V” shapes which made them small enough for the puppies, dipped them into goats' milk, and put one of the sponges right up to one of the puppies’ mouths.  Amazingly, it worked! The puppies began to nurse immediately!  

Newborn puppies must be fed every three hours around the clock. Thankfully a friend and supporter, Reeda Sessum, offered to take on the job of caring for three of the puppies.  It takes about 40 minutes to feed three puppies and then stimulate them so they can pee.

The puppies are now 14 days old and they are doing well. They will need to be sponge fed for at least three more weeks. Hopefully, at that time they can start eating solid food. 

Without your support, these six precious lives may not have survived. Thanks to you, they will be adopted to loving guardians when they are old enough.  

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