Six-week-old Puppy Thrown from Moving Vehicle Finds Forever Home

Six-week-old Puppy Thrown from Moving Vehicle Finds Forever Home

We’ve all received crazy phone calls in our lives. However, few can compare to the call that one In Defense of Animals’ team member received on the last Friday of March. A local business owner called, frantically letting her know that a small puppy had actually been thrown from a moving vehicle.

Cathy Cox, owner of Cox Appliance in Carrollton, Mississippi, who is well known as a person who adores animals, made a call to Sharon Stone, Operations Manager of Hope Animal Sanctuary. She reported that a man came into her store carrying a small puppy and said that he had seen the pup thrown from a moving vehicle.

The man, new to the area, had to make a quick decision - to either stop and save the pup, or chase the vehicle in an attempt to get a tag number. He chose the former and stopped to get the pup. Amazingly, the tiny pup did not seem to be injured despite flying from a moving vehicle.

Visibly shaken, he told the story to Cathy and asked if she knew anyone who could help. Just then, a local couple, Hal and Linda McClain, entered the store and agreed to take the pup to their home. A visit to their veterinarian confirmed the pup was unharmed. While there, the McClain’s also had the vet give vaccinations and dewormer to the pup. The veterinarian noted that the puppy was only five to six weeks old. Sadly, their dogs did not care for the small pup invading their domain, so the couple returned to Cathy for help. 

This prompted the call to Sharon. When she arrived at the store, another customer, Robert Meeks, had come in and heard the awful story, fell in love with the little pup, and asked if he could adopt her. He was holding the tiny girl and was clearly excited to have her as a member of his family. 

In the blink of an eye, a puppy unwanted and thrown from a vehicle had many people rallying around her to be sure she was safe. The saying goes, “it takes a village” and in this case a village of caring people all came together for one small puppy.

We have a description of the vehicle and have given that information to local law enforcement. 

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