WATCH: Starving Puppy Seized From Family That Was Abusing Him

WATCH: Starving Puppy Seized From Family That Was Abusing Him

In June, we got a tip about a couple that had recently obtained a young puppy who was at severe risk of starving to death. The caller told us that this couple had gotten several puppies in the last six months and that all of them had died of starvation. We knew we had to take immediate action. 

Sharon Stone, who heads up our Hope Animal Sanctuary, drove by and saw the pup that day. It wasn’t obvious at that point that he was being starved. However, knowing what she did, Sharon thought it was best to be tenacious. About two weeks later, she went back by the dwelling to check on the pup again. She noticed right away that he had now become painfully thin. His ribs were showing as were his hip bones.  At that moment, she knew she needed backup and called Deputy Randy Blakely with the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office for his assistance. 

Officer Blakely went to the residence and called Sharon for help within a few minutes. When she arrived, she noted that the puppy was listless, laying on the ground, and struggling to stand. 

It took some discussion from the deputy and Sharon but the couple finally agreed to release the puppy to her. Sharon was sure that she could have had them charged for the condition of the puppy, but, it was much faster to secure his acquisition voluntarily than forcefully and they would have had to come back, risking the removal of the puppy. Also, time was of the essence as the puppy was critically ill and needed immediate medical intervention.

Back at the sanctuary, we gave him a full evaluation. Besides appearing to have been starved, his gums were stark white and he was very weak. This was likely from internal parasites and from being dehydrated. We began by deworming the pup and giving him the other medications he needed. He was fed small amounts several times a day until his little system could handle a normal meal. 

Rocky, so named because he is a fighter, is doing great. Soon he will be ready for a home of his very own where he isn’t abused. 


Meanwhile, Sharon promised the couple that she would be checking on them on a regular basis to be 100% sure no other animals were suffering at their hands. 

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