A Healing Oasis for Blind Dogs & Cats… Built by You!

A Healing Oasis for Blind Dogs & Cats… Built by You!

Last year, In Defense of Animals India launched an ambitious project to give sightless cats and dogs a new lease on life. Our goal was to create a beautiful garden - a haven for dogs and cats who couldn’t see. Additionally, we wanted to provide cataract surgeries to restore vision to animals whose blindness was reversible. Fast forward to 2018, and we couldn’t be more pleased to let you know what success we’ve had thanks to your generous support!

From one barren patch of dirt we have cultivated not one, but two beautiful gardens. One is for puppies, and the other one is for elderly dogs... the cats go wherever they please and enjoy both gardens equally!

The gardens are now in full bloom and the animals absolutely adore it, dashing to the space as soon as the gardener has watered the plants each morning. We built a pergola to protect animals from the hot Indian sunshine and set down new benches which are very popular with our residents. Every animal has found his or her own favorite spot and enjoys garden time. However, it’s undoubtedly our blind dogs who enjoy this space most!

We continue to schedule surgeries for animals whose eyesight can be restored, even if only partially. We are delighted to share the great news with you that Roshni, the first cat to receive eye surgery under the blind ward program, has now healed and has partial vision! Bella, a dog who was blinded by cataracts, had surgery to remove them and she can now see completely!

The gardens are also a very safe and comfortable place for those who are recovering from paralysis and who are just very weak in the recovery stage. One special dog, a 3-year-old girl who is both blind and paralyzed, has found herself a space where she can be safe. She received regular treatments for her spine and has recently gotten up on her hind legs and staggered a few steps! The garden is her home and without it, she and other dogs like her would struggle and likely perish on the streets of Mumbai.

Anyone needing a good dose of sunshine gets to enjoy the garden and lay out on the grass. Our oldest blind dog, Big Boy, spent his last days happily like this, with special individual attention and good care taken of him every day. He was wagging his tail until the very end, enjoying his meals and tottering about in the garden for short intervals.

This garden is a particular blessing during the summer season as the heat and humidity in Mumbai are vicious. Many animals unfortunately do not survive the harsh climate. In honor of the animals who have passed, the team at IDA India erected a memory wall of those who are no longer with us. This thoughtfulness and heart, along with the green, oasis-like appearance, has made the space one of peace and reflection for animals and humans alike.

The IDA India team had the vision to transform a dusty scrap of land into beautiful therapy gardens to nurture and revitalize needy animals. They spent months planting and nurturing the garden while completing their considerable work of rescuing and helping over 400 dogs and cats every month.

These resources would never have been made available to the animals without you. You threw a lifeline to these street cats and dogs. You made all their beautiful success stories possible. Thanks to you, blind dogs and cats can see, and have a decent life with the feel of grass under foot, the smell of the garden in the air, and love all around them.

This garden and blind ward project has started a lasting legacy for the animals of India. We look forward to sharing more of the beautiful stories of animals whose lives have been transformed by the precious oasis of healing you built in the center of busy Mumbai.


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