This Nearly Blind Pup Found Sanctuary

This Nearly Blind Pup Found Sanctuary

Can you imagine having to wander alone as a child on the busy streets of a bustling city with one eye wounded and blind? This was the reality for a four-month-old pup named Buffy in Mumbai, India, who was one of the lucky ones who ended up at IDA India’s Blind Ward.

Buffy was brought to IDA India with a severely swollen eyelid, which was caused by a maggot-infested wound near his eye. Due to the swelling, Buffy was virtually blind. Our kind Dr. Longhe began daily treatment for the pup, dressing his wound immediately. Within a month, the pup was completely recovered from a wound that could have led to his death.

Buffy’s eye was saved, ensuring that the pup wouldn’t have to live with only one eye. After his treatment, Buffy was released from the ward. However, he will be closely watched over to make sure that he’s ok.

The Blind Ward has become a haven for blind dogs and cats, who otherwise wouldn’t have any place to find help. The team there has created a safe and lush environment for sightless animals, giving them the chance to feel and smell what they cannot see. They also provide cataract surgeries to restore sight to animals whose loss of sight is reversible. To ensure we can continue supporting dogs like Buffy, please give what you can.

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