Best Friends Live Life to the Fullest!

Best Friends Live Life to the Fullest!

Saving animals who are ill or injured is challenging and extraordinarily fulfilling work. It is especially rewarding when we have the opportunity to see the animals we have helped living rich, wonderful lives that otherwise they may have missed out on without our care.

Moti, an adventurous pup with golden fur, has been Mr. Rajkumar’s loyal companion for the last seven years. His guardian cannot walk and relies on a three-wheeled cycle for mobility, but that does not stop the dynamic duo from living life to the fullest! Moti can often be seen in the front seat of the cycle as they enjoy their day-to-day activities around the community!

Due to the extreme heat in Mumbai, India, Moti became ill and was brought to our Center for help. He received the love and care needed to continue his duties as co-captain with his beloved guardian for many more years to come!

It is so inspiring for us to see the love between people who visit our Center and their canine and feline friends. Please donate today so we can continue to help animals and their guardians!

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