Caretaker Plays Vital Role in Elderly Street Dog's Survival

Caretaker Plays Vital Role in Elderly Street Dog's Survival

Many homeless street dogs can be found on the densely populated streets of Mumbai. All of these animals need love and care; however, elderly dogs are more prone to illnesses and take much longer to heal than the younger dogs, so the involvement of caretakers is crucial for their survival.

An elderly female dog was brought into our Turbhe Center with a severe, maggot-infested wound on her neck and ear. Our skilled staff knew just what to do to help the desperate dog recover. With daily treatment dressing and proper nutrition, her gruesome injury healed and she was back to perfect health in exactly one month. She was given an anti-rabies shot before she was released.

Caretaker Plays Vital Role in Elderly Street Dog's Survival

While many of the homeless dogs have someone to look out for them on the streets, some do not. Fortunately, this dog had a caretaker who called us to help the dog in need. Without the involvement of the concerned individual and treatment at our center, this senior dog may not have survived. We will be kept informed about her progress and will give her further assistance if needed.

With so many street animals to treat and take care of, we cannot shelter or place these animals in homes; hence, caretakers play a vital role in the lives of these animals. Please consider donating so we can continue to work with the community to save as many animals as possible.

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