Cat Recovers from Gruesome Leg Injury

Cat Recovers from Gruesome Leg Injury

Imagine being alone and sustaining horrific injuries and illnesses with no one to help you. This scenario is all too common for the animals living on the busy streets of Mumbai, India. Luckily for some, concerned community members bring these animals to our Center in hopes they can be saved.

Late last year, a severely injured cat was rushed to our Center by a kind rescuer. The suffering animal had a paralyzed leg with a gruesome, maggot-infested wound. After examination, it was clear the damaged limb required amputation, and our expert surgeon Dr. Ghanawat performed the much-needed surgery the next day.

After three weeks of love and care from our IDA India staff, the cat made a full recovery. She was reunited with her rescuer, ready to begin a happy and healthy new life!

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