Cat With Maggot Wound Rescued By Young Guardians

Cat With Maggot Wound Rescued By Young Guardians

A group of young boys from the suburb of Bandra in India have brought in roughly 300 cats to our Deonar Centre for sterilization and clinical treatment. Earlier this year, one of them, a boy named Kiran, came across a very badly injured cat.

He was shocked to see that the cat had a huge maggot wound on his stomach. The beautiful cat was brought straight to our Center where treatment commenced immediately. The horrible injury was cleaned and dressed. This type of treatment is difficult and needs a great deal of patience and expertise. Dr. Parab was, of course, quite up to the task. She was willing to put in all the work required to help this cat because all cats, whether domesticated or street cats, deserve love and care.

By the beginning of April, the wound had healed completely. Ultimately, no surgery was required for this cat. We know that street animals are strong and can recover from almost anything, but this case was simply amazing. After being neutered, the cat was released in his locality under the watch of this group of youngsters, perfectly strong and healthy once again.

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