Mobile Clinic Helps Wounded Dog In Need

Mobile Clinic Helps Wounded Dog In Need

Going out to treat animals on the road has many benefits. For starters, the patient does not have to transported to the hospital (which saves the animal crucial treatment time and the stress of being transported).

In addition, the van can reach many distant localities and visit the same patient a number of times if need be. Animals are much more relaxed when their surroundings are familiar. While an animal is being treated on the road, a space in the hospital is saved for a more serious patient.

A dog who was recently treated for a maggot wound was fixed up quickly and easily. It really helps that the dog had a friend sitting beside him during his ordeal. During the course of the treatment, the friend was told how to take care of the dog and what needed to be done until the next visit could take place.

Our mobile clinic has brought succor to thousands of animals over the years and is a vital part of our service for animals. Please donate and help us continue our life-saving work.

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