Devoted Animal Rescuer Saves Suffering Dog

Devoted Animal Rescuer Saves Suffering Dog

Sudhendu Pandey is a passionate animal advocate who has individually brought over 125 dogs to our Deonar Centre in India for sterilization.

A few months ago, Sudhendu spotted a dog near Kohinoor Hospital who was running around with mucus and saliva dripping from his mouth. Seeing the dog in such poor shape, he quickly got a private ambulance and brought him to our Center. This handsome dog had a serious issue under his mandible region and had to undergo surgery.

IDA India’s Dr. Ghanawat completed the surgery and aftercare was carried out by Dr. Parab and the dressing team. Sudhendu was a regular visitor and was kept informed of the progress of the dog he had rescued. Finally, the dog was ready for release and Sudhendu himself came with the private ambulance to see that the dog was carefully released back to his familiar location. The dog was very happy to go back and soon settled down in his locality.

Sudhendu is proof that we can all make a difference. It’s easy to say one person can’t make great change, but helping to spay and neuter over 125 dogs has saved countless puppies from being born on the streets — puppies who would quickly grow up and soon enough to have puppies of their own.

While it would be ideal for every animal to have a safe home to return to, it’s just not possible everywhere. We will continue to work hard for street dogs and other animals, ensuring that they have as much help as possible. To support our work helping dogs, like Sudhendu’s rescue, please donate today.

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