Dog Loses Leg in Horrific Road Accident, Gains New Home With Us!

Dog Loses Leg in Horrific Road Accident, Gains New Home With Us!

Homeless animals are often subject to harsh conditions and cruelty and need to fend for themselves to survive. Late last year, our IDA India team rushed a severely injured dog to our Deonar Center to provide her with the care needed to save her life.

A female dog who was in a horrific road accident arrived at the Center in urgent need of help due to the unimaginably painful injuries she received. Her mangled leg was hanging from her body and bleeding profusely. Dr. Ghanwat, our highly skilled surgeon, performed surgery immediately which required removing the irreparably damaged limb.

Thanks to the quick action of our team, we are thrilled to report the dog has recovered, and now enjoys running and playing with Abhijeet, our veterinary assistant, in the garden built with your generous donations! She will continue to live with us until we determine how to give this brave and resilient dog the best life possible.

Thanks to your support, we are able to provide emergency care to animals who desperately need it. Please donate today to help us continue our life-saving work.

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