Injured Dog is Completely Rehabilitated After Accident

Injured Dog is Completely Rehabilitated After Accident

There is no shortage of animals who are in need of help at IDA India’s Deonar Centre. Our team provides non-stop care to animals with various conditions ranging from easily treated illnesses to those with severe injuries. Recently, a dog who had sustained an agonizing injury desperately needed our help.

Late last year, a male dog was injured in a horrific accident. The traumatized dog’s paw was crushed and he was brought to our Centre for care. Our team performed surgery on his broken paw, which required amputation. He was also treated with antibiotics, immunizations, and all of the care needed to ensure he was in the best health possible.

Our team worked consistently with the dog and provided exercises and strength building activities to help him prepare for his second chance at a happy, healthy life.

The determined dog was completely rehabilitated and released to his thrilled friends who were eagerly awaiting his return. The resilient pup is now living with his loving caretakers.

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