Forming Friendships after Tragedy

Forming Friendships after Tragedy

The animals taken into our Deonar Center in India are often extremely ill, seriously injured, or they have been abandoned by the people responsible for their well-being. While undergoing treatment, our patients are able to form special bonds with other recovering animals which helps to raise their spirits and get well.

After receiving all of the necessary medical attention from our hardworking IDA India team, the animals are able to enjoy the sunshine and tea time outdoors with the new friends they have made! It is extremely rewarding to see the previously sick, injured, and betrayed animals in our care heal together and truly enjoy each other’s company.

Perhaps their resilience and shared experiences allow them to form strong bonds, even between the unlikely pairing of cats and dogs, teaching us that love unites us all. These inspiring animals have bright futures ahead of them, and we are thrilled to be a part of their journey!

Without your support, these animals may not have been so lucky. Please donate today so we can continue of life-saving work!

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