Treating the Tiny Residents of the Puppy Ward

Treating the Tiny Residents of the Puppy Ward

Like all young animals, the tiny residents of the Puppy Ward require a lot of attention and care! It truly takes a village to make sure they’re happy and healthy, and the IDA India team is up to the challenge!

As soon as pups are admitted to the ward, our experienced staff immediately gets to work to remove all ticks the puppies may have. Next, they are dewormed and given a canine distemper and parvovirus vaccination soon after. On a daily basis, our knowledgeable team provides the puppies with nutritious meals and the necessary medications and vitamins required to ensure their health is improving and they’re feeling their best!

Caring for multiple sick puppies is challenging yet extremely rewarding work. Our loving and dedicated volunteers are an integral part of our team and assist with the tremendous task of helping our smallest patients recover and get well.

Thanks to your support, we can care for puppies to give them a second chance at life. Please donate today so we can continue to help animals in need!

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