Hero Caretakers Step Up for Animals in India as Odds Continue to Stack Against Them

Hero Caretakers Step Up for Animals in India as Odds Continue to Stack Against Them

Providing care and veterinary services to homeless animals in India is already a daunting task because the need is so great and so constant. However, we’re rising to the challenge and helping as many animals as we can amid a global pandemic and, now, record-breaking monsoons hitting Mumbai.

In May, we told you about how a national lockdown was posing significant challenges at our centers and raising worries about how we would be able to continue to provide care for hundreds of animals.

Mumbai, where our largest center is located, has sadly been the most heavily affected city in India by this COVID-19 pandemic, and now the city is  being hit with record-breaking monsoons.

We always take precautions to prepare ourselves and our centers for monsoon season, which typically lasts from June to September.  

However, this August brought the heaviest downpour Mumbai has seen in 47 years. Flooding and chaos have added to everyday struggle for animal caretakers and our staff.

Despite the risks involved, many animals have been brought in during the pandemic by kind people who want to ensure they get the help they need, and we’ve been particularly touched by those who have brought animals to our outpatient department.

Here, we’ve been able to continue to help provide check-ups for animals, in addition to providing other services, including vaccinations and treatments for minor injuries and illnesses.

It’s been so heavily used, we’ve had to expand our hours!

We couldn’t be more proud of how our staff has responded for the animals who need them.

Some of our staff members have continued to stay at our centers throughout the pandemic, while others who live nearby now walk every day. One of our veterinarians even commutes 12 miles by bike to render his aid. A few women who weren’t initially allowed to work during the lockdown have also returned to provide care for our most vulnerable charges: kittens, puppies and others who need special care, including our blind residents.

We’re grateful for them all, and we believe the animals who needed them are too. With 432 dogs and 158 cats at our Deonar Center alone, we’re currently at capacity and need our staff and volunteers healthy and chipping in more than ever.

While the situation is still very worrisome at the Center and we are still under lockdown, we’re working as hard as ever for animals in need. We hope that with your continued support, we’ll be able keep saving even more lives every day. You can support the vital work we do by making a donation.

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