Special Blind Dogs Are Enjoying the Garden You Helped Build

Special Blind Dogs Are Enjoying the Garden You Helped Build

The struggle to just survive is real for homeless animals every day in India, and it’s even harder for those who have disabilities. However, In Defense of Animals India is working hard to help as many as we can, and ensure they have the best lives possible.

At our Deonar Center in Mumbai, we have a special ward where we provide care to around 40 blind dogs. Some of them were born blind, while others have lost their sight as a result of an accident, or medical condition, such as cataracts or glaucoma.

These dogs would be unable to survive on their own on the busy streets, and would be in constant danger. However, at our Center, these dogs get all the love and care they need as permanent residents.

A few years ago, we wanted to do something special for them, so we started a fundraiser to build them a unique garden where they could safely lounge and play. We also wanted to provide surgeries for dogs whose blindness could be reversed.

Thanks to your support, our effort was a success! We’ve been able to help many dogs through surgery, and we wanted to share with you how much the dogs love the garden.

Noni is one such beloved resident. She was brought to our Deonar Center in 2016 when she was about 4-years-old to be spayed, but we noticed that she couldn’t see very well and had a chronic skin condition. After her surgery, we kept her in our care as a permanent resident.

Noni, one of our blind dogs who’s been with us for a few years, loves this special garden. 

Although she’s quite a bit older now, her favorite place is the garden. She loves to wander here and there, exploring a bit, or relaxing under a bush or on the warm stone steps. We serve her most of her meals here to ensure she can eat peacefully away from bigger dogs who may try to sneak some, and we treat her skin there as well.

She’s a shy and gentle dog, but once and a while we’re treated to a little tail wag that warms our hearts.

The garden is attached to the blind ward, so Noni and others can enjoy it any time they please. They can play in the grass, lay in the sun, or find a shady spot to take a nap.

This space has also proven to be invaluable for dogs who are paralyzed or seriously injured; the soft ground gives them a comfortable place to relax and enjoy the fresh air.

We can tell the dogs are grateful, and we are as well!  We couldn’t have done this without your support. Please help us help more animals with special needs by making a donation.

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