Urgent Renovations in India Completed for Animals Just in Time

Urgent Renovations in India Completed for Animals Just in Time

In 1999, our partner IDA India finally took over what was once a place to brutally kill dogs, and turned it into something beautiful, where thousands of animals have been helped. While many changes to the facility at their main center in Mumbai have been made since then, a major repair to the main building was urgently needed — especially before monsoons begin this month.

When IDA India took over the former dog pound from the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM), the place was barren except for a building to house dogs who were awaiting certain death by electrocution and another to serve as the MCGM’s office.

The first thing they did was to modify the kennels to make them dog friendly; walls were replaced with grills they could see out of, and ledges were installed where dogs could sit and feel less anxious.

Over the years, this old building has been repaired in patches, but concerns had been raised that the roof could cave in at any time. To avoid the catastrophe that this awful event would be, they decided to repair the roof before this summer, and redo the walls and floors later.


The old kitchen at the Deonar Center before construction.

Unfortunately, catastrophe was not fully avoided. When the contractor tried to remove the roof, the roof and the walls caved in. Luckily, no one was hurt, but now there was no other option than to repair the entire building before funds were raised, at an estimated cost of nearly $67,000, and it was critical that it was finished before the onset of monsoons that begin in June.

A miracle was accomplished! The new building has six wards, each with six individual kennels to isolate sick and injured dogs. Two of these rooms will be kitchens, where food will be prepared for the many animals receiving care, who all receive two meals a day.


The new building today.

We’re thrilled we were able to accomplish this enormous feat in time. Our Deonar Center is one of the most important facilities for animals in need of help in Mumbai, where there are regularly around 450 dogs and 150 cats there who are being cared for by our dedicated veterinarians and staff of more than 100 people. 

We urgently need to raise funds to help make up for this huge and unexpected expense. You can help by making a donation.

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