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IDA India is a nonprofit grassroots level animal protection organization dedicated to establishing and defending the rights of all nonhuman living creatures.

IDA India works to:

  • Promote Animal Birth Control program and discourage brutal extermination of stray animals
  • Rescue abused animals
  • Promote vegetarianism
  • Lobby for amendments to existing animal protection laws in India, to make them effective
  • Create awareness amongst people for animal related issues; for example, commercial breeding and exploitation of animals, animals in zoos, and conditions of enslaved elephants


In Defense of Animals India was registered in October 1996, and the first program we took up was street dog sterilization. Our humble beginning started out in two garages of a residential colony in a suburb of Mumbai in March 1997. For three years, IDA India worked in small makeshift camps. In December 1999, With the intervention of the Mumbai High Court, the Bombay Municipal Corporation handed over the dog pound at Deonar to IDA India which became our first center. We now have additional centers in Navi Mumbai and the CIDCO area of Raigad district, and we also set up temporary camps in the surrounding towns. We aid thousands of dogs and other animals every year.


At IDA India, we believe that our moral duty as humane individuals is to help & assist the animals to the best of our ability. We believe that animals have a right to food, shelter, comfort, love and life like we do. We were perhaps born to alleviate the suffering of these neglected, abused, four legged, slithering and feathered friends... our co-inhabitants, who live on to this planet with us; our soul mates from the animal kingdom.