Injured and Overlooked Dog Makes Full Recovery

Injured and Overlooked Dog Makes Full Recovery

The sheer number of cats and dogs in need of care on the streets of Mumbai is staggering. Our IDA India team helps hundreds of animals every month thanks to concerned community members, local law enforcement, and kind supporters like you!

Near the end of last year, one caring community member brought a female dog to our IDA Turbhe Center from the nearby Vashi Bridge Police Station, located in a busy yet isolated part of Navi Mumbai. It is likely the injured dog went unnoticed while suffering from a deep, infected wound on her back.

We started her treatment with daily dressing and care, medication with antibiotics and enough nutrition to withstand the heavy medication she was prescribed to get well. After a month of our care, love, and attention, she healed and made a full recovery! We vaccinated her against rabies and released her back in her local area at the beginning of the new year where her community carer could watch over her.

Thanks to you, our generous supporters, we were able to help this suffering dog! Many overlooked and suffering animals rely the care of our staff to survive. Please donate today so we can continue to help homeless animals in urgent need.

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