Out of Hot Water

Out of Hot Water

Out of Hot Water

In March, a frantic call came through to In Defense of Animals India’s helpline - what the caller said was heartbreaking to hear.

Someone had thrown boiling hot water onto a dog. IDA India immediately sent out its ambulance our rescue team to the area. When they caught sight of the tan-colored female dog, they saw large bright red, skin ulcers and burn wounds all over her back. Some sights of cruelty to animals really take your breath away, and this was one of them.

Our rescue team are some of the most skilled in the world, and quickly but carefully scooped her up and brought her back to our center where our vets could tend to her injuries. After antibiotics and much-needed pain-killers, she soon calmed down. Each day after that, caretakers applied medicated oil on her wounds until she got better.

Her treatment didn’t end there. All dogs treated by IDA India receive an expensive but necessary anti-rabies injection. She has since been released to her local area, where her community guardian is keeping careful watch over her.

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