“Scumbag” Leaves Treasure in IDA India Waiting Room

“Scumbag” Leaves Treasure in IDA India Waiting Room

“Scumbag” Leaves Treasure in IDA India Waiting Room

Hi all! I'm Rexy! Me and my sister were dumped on a bench in the waiting room at In Defense of Animals India’s Deonar Centre. Both of us were near death, or so I heard the kind vet say. I think the name of our ”owner” was scum bag… at least that’s what I heard some angry people in the waiting room call him. I didn’t know what near death is either, but if it meant freedom from pain, I wanted it so badly.

We were rushed through for treatment. Until then, we never had much to eat or drink, and it must have showed. We were attached to a bag that made us feel a little better. But despite all the humans kind help, my sister didn't make it. I saw the pain go from her face and she closed her eyes. She was a really beautiful little pup, and only two and a half months old.

I went to sleep with a deep sigh. If that was death, it looked good I thought... until I realized that one doesn't wake up from death, not ever. When I realized that, I was miserable.

I miss my sister so much, but the kind warm people at IDA-India gave me so much tender loving care that I kept growing and grew very pleasant and fond of humans despite everything I went through at the hands of Mr. Scum Bag. They put me in a car and took me on my first car ride. We came to a nice house where I met my temporary mother. She says what a treasure I am for behaving so well in the house, but on walks, I impress her even more! I walk beautifully on the leash, like a real gentleman, with no pulling, and I never try to run away or resist. I have even learned some human language, so when I am asked to “sit,” I always do it because I am so happy to be with someone kind. Everyone says I am a very good boy, but I can’t stay here forever.

Now I am waiting for a good home where I will be truly loved and treasured, and go home to guardians, not owners. I am presently at the IDA-India Deonar Centre in Mumbai and you can meet me there if you like... and then take me to my forever home. I promise to be good and loving and will adore you to bits! I'm really a sweetie... I swear! will you take me home please?

If not, please donate to help other animals like me.

Yours faithfully,


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