Wounded Street Dog Makes Full Recovery!

Wounded Street Dog Makes Full Recovery!

Keeping the street dogs of Mumbai, India safe and healthy requires a collaborative effort between concerned community members and veterinary care professionals. When sick or injured dogs arrive at our clinic, their conditions can range from easily treated ailments to life-threatening wounds... like this poor pup!

Happy Singh was brought into the clinic at night by a well-wisher in the community. The suffering dog was in a horrible state, with an agonizing, open wound on his head that was being eaten up by maggots. Upon his arrival, our team immediately started treatment, including pain killers, removal of the maggots, careful cleaning of wounds several times a day, and round the clock watch.

With constant care and attention, Happy Singh was completely healed and healthy just a few months later! The resilient pup was given his immunizations and sent into foster care for a few weeks. He was then released back into his locality and is now being watched by his rescuer. Stories such as these are only possible due to the donations we receive from our wonderful supporters. Please donate to help us treat these severe cases and to save other animals in need.

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