The Safari Club International (SCI)


The Safari Club International (SCI) – the most ruthless trophy hunting organization
Clearly leading the list of voracious hunting clubs with an appalling callousness towards wild animals worldwide, is the Safari Club International (SCI), a hunting advocacy group that promotes competitive trophy hunting throughout the world, even of rare species, and not shying away from canned hunts, through an elaborate awards program. The SCI continues to create and feed a culture glamorizing death and violence globally, across political lines, international borders, and against wildlife and even people. Fortunes are made on the back of millions of animals, whose lives are taken by trophy hunters for the sake of killing in an endless spiral of competition. Money is no object in the face of bragging rights for killing the biggest and the best of all species. SCI profits from the beginning to the end: from outfitting hunts to charging outlandish prices to enter its many circles of competition.

Most people would be shocked to learn about the length these wildlife killers go to legally (and illegally) murder the largest, most beautiful and “exotic’ animals – the rarer the animal, the better. And to this end, the SCI even supports canned hunts. In fact, SCI, among others, challenged regulations to allow hunting of endangered African antelope species at fenced “game” ranches in Texas and Florida. Exerting their influence on the USFWS, the SCI argued that captive breeding was necessary for the survival and rescue of the species in the wild, and that “Sport hunting of surplus, captive-bred animals generates revenue that supports these captive-breeding operations and may relieve hunting pressure on wild populations. In the case of black rhino, 83% of those countries represented at the 2004 CITES meeting approved sport hunting of the species in limited numbers.

With no remorse for brutally taking the lives of innocent wild animals already struggling to survive in human-dominated landscapes, members of SCI spend their wealth on killing-spree trips into remote areas and foreign countries to fulfill their lust to kill the largest animals, the most exotic animals and rack up SCI awards. Underlying these actions are futile efforts to transcend weak character, arrested emotional development, narcissism, sexual perversion, anger and finally, a misguided attempt to overcome their own disconnect to nature.