El Paso Celebrates Compassionate Thanksgiving

by Lisa Levinson

The Vegetarian Society of El Paso (VSEP) celebrated its Compassionate Thanksgiving with speaker Lisa Levinson, Director of IDA’s Sustainable Activism Campaign, offering emotional and spiritual resources for animal activists. Over 130 members of the Vegetarian Society attended the dinner and Lisa’s presentation on Vegan Spirituality and Sustainable Activism. Very impressive turn out! Vegan artist and […]


Pope Francis Advocates for Animals

by Elliot Katz, DVM

Since its founding, some 35 years ago, In Defense of Animals, thanks to your participation and support, has done and continues to do everything in its power to protect the rights, welfare, and habitats of nonhuman animals, to raise their status beyond mere property, objects, commodities, and things, to end outdated and cruel customs and […]


5,000 Attend 1st SoCal VegFest

by Lisa Levinson

Celebrating Healthy Eating and Conscious Living Over 5000 people attended the first SoCal VegFest at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California on World Vegan Day, November 1st! IDA joined hundreds of exhibitors as we distributed free Vegan Starter Kits, raised awareness about animal issues, and introduced our Animal Activist Support Line to local activists. […]


Huge Win For Bobcats in California!

by Anita Carswell

  No bobcat trapping will happen this year in California as the ban took effect this year, rather than next year, as was a major concern of ours at In Defense of Animals and among all activists following the victory of actually winning the ban. This is very important, as the trapping season would have […]


Why are the lives of these 8 turkeys being celebrated this Thanksgiving?

by Nadia Schilling

To celebrate Thanksgiving at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary in Western Maryland, instead of being eaten, these eight rescued individuals named: Perry, Willow, Tallulah, Mackenzie, Madison, Hugo, Giselle and Naomi are the guests of honor. Like cats and dogs, turkeys are intelligent and sensitive animals who form strong social bonds and show great affection for others. […]


Three Nashville Zoo Elephants win their Freedom!

by Caroline Saxon

  Three female African elephants who have lived most of their lives in the confines of the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere in Tennessee have just won back their freedom, and with it, the power to make their own decisions. The well known Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary welcomes Hadari, 33, Sukari, 31, and Rosie, 44, to their […]

food Poisoning_blog

Animal Agriculture and Food Poisoning

by Sarah Lucas

  Food-borne illnesses are responsible for the hospitalization of 128,000 and death of 3,000 Americans annually. All animal products can cause food poisoning, with the bodies of birds being the primary cause, although sometimes contaminated plant foods can cause it as well. Food-borne illnesses come from intestinal bacteria- something decidedly lacking in plants like spinach […]


Terrence Cody Starved His Dog to Death

by Doll Stanley

Terrence Cody, former Raven’s player, starved his dog to death.He allowed Taz, a Canary mastiff, to waste away, shrinking from 100 pounds to a mere 50 pounds. Taz’s condition was so shocking that the veterinarians who saw him called for an investigation that revealed Cody and his girlfriend, Kourtney J. Kelly, were also in possession […]