Bob Cat Blog

Illinois Legalizes Bobcat Trapping

by Jessica Beaudry

  Last month, we asked our Illinois supporters to speak out against Bill 352, which proposed to reinstate an annual bobcat trapping and hunting season within the state after years of protection. Despite massive public objection, (with an estimated 75 percent of voters against this legislation) and thousands of phone calls and letters, we regret […]

SA Tip Blog

Cultivating Gratitude

by Lisa Levinson

  Our Sustainable Activism Tip of the week comes from “The World Peace Diet” author Dr. Will Tuttle, who shares the importance of cultivating an attitude of gratitude to maintain ongoing, effective advocacy for animals. An internal appreciation for our breath, the beauty of this earth, and the inspirational work of other animal activists can […]

Dog Meat Blog

Boknal Days Are Here Again!

by Stephanie Hillman

  Another Torturous Summer “Festival” is Underway The atrocities of China’s Yulin “festival” are still fresh in our minds as yet another similar “festival” is happening right now! South Korea’s Boknal Days are “festivities” that specifically revolve around eating dogs. During the presumed three hottest days of the summer, this year July 13th, 23rd and […]

Elephant Blog

Elephant Survival in the Wild

by Lindsay Morgan

  What is the Common Factor Affecting the Survival of African and Asian Elephants in the Wild? Humans. While the increased amount of exposure in the media is heightening the public’s awareness about the poaching crisis, there are also other imminent issues facing elephants in the wild. Outside of poaching, habitat loss and human elephant […]

SA Blog

Surviving Compassion Fatigue & Grief

by Lisa Levinson

  Sustainable Activism Webinar, Thursday, July 23 As an animal activist, a shelter worker, or a practicing vegan, our work is sacred, making a real difference in the lives of sentient beings. Despite many rewards, we may experience deep heartache and loss while helping animals. Witnessing the cruelty, ignorance, apathy, and lack of compassion towards […]

HAS Blog

Meet Stout

by Bob Price

  Last spring, rescue workers from In Defense of Animals’ Hope Animal Sanctuary in Grenada Mississippi were called by a nearby veterinarian looking for some help to find a home for a little puppy that had been struck by a car, not once but twice. Although his condition was quite grave, neither In Defense of […]

IDA Africa Blog

Education Initiative Launched in Africa

by Karin Cereghino

  This spring, IDA-Africa launched an innovative education initiative to incorporate a new children’s book in the curriculum of Central Cameroon schools. The goal is to instill in the next generation of forest stewards an appreciation of chimpanzees as kindred beings who deserve respect and protection. Through expanded education programs, IDA-Africa aims to increase awareness […]