Heartless Cormorant Killing Continues

by Ryan Murphy

The Dark Actions of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services are now Being Conducted in Daylight Since May of this year, the USDA’s Wildlife Services have destroyed the lives of 1,221 innocent double-crested cormorants on East Sand Island at the mouth of the Columbia River. The excuse? It is claimed that the cormorants must […]


Free Kaavan the Elephant

by Brittany Michelson

  Chained for 28 Years at Pakistan Zoo; Remains Alone In a Tiny Enclosure Kaavan the elephant was chained for 28 years in a small enclosure at the Islamabad Zoo (also known as the Marghazar Zoo) in Pakistan. He has gangrene-prone gashes around his legs caused from the chronic chaining and is in overall poor […]


A Successful Vote in Palm Springs

by Ryan Murphy

  Recent Vote Bans the Sale of Cats and Dogs This past month Palm Springs, California council members voted to ban the sale of non-shelter cats and dogs in the city. The vote was a unanimous 4-0 in favor of the ban. Although there are very few pet stores in Palm Springs, the vote will […]


Saving Mercy

by Debbie Clark

  On the morning of September 18, 2015, Sharon Stone, Operations Manager of IDA’s Hope Animal Sanctuary, received a call requesting help for a “stray” dog who the caller reported was “in bad shape.” The caller texted a picture to Sharon and true enough, this dog was in dire need of immediate help. Upon arrival, […]


Stop Yulin Forever March

by Web Team

In honor of World Animal Day, over 1,500 activists and their companion animals marched in the streets of Los Angeles from MacArthur Park to the Chinese Consulate to stop the annual Dog Meat Eating Festival on the summer solstice in Yulin, China. Sister events occurred in the United Kingdom, Taiwan, and Canada. Lisa Vanderpump, from […]

A Flood of Support Amidst a Scorching Aftermath Blog

A Flood of Support Amidst a Scorching Aftermath

by Ryan Murphy

  What started as a small shed fire in Lake County, California on September 12, 2015, turned into a raging fire that spread across the state, burning 76,000 acres, and leaving many animals abandoned, scorched and afraid for their lives. When the smoke had cleared, horses, turkeys, dogs, pigs, cats, goats and many other animals […]

Greed Over Grouses Blog

Greed over Grouses

by Ryan Murphy

  Late last month, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that the greater sage grouse would not be listed as endangered. This announcement comes after years of deliberation on the subject with many feeling angered by the outcome. Supporters of the grouse believe that the decision was based on motives of greed, rather than […]


From Dog Meat Farm to Loving Homes

by Web Team

  When one farmer agreed to shut down his dog meat farm, 103 dogs’ lives were spared. Hundreds more were also spared considering that the cages will now be torn down, never to hold another dog again. Unfortunately, the myth that there are two types of dogs – “meat dogs” and “pet dogs” – still […]