A Flood of Support Amidst a Scorching Aftermath Blog

A Flood of Support Amidst a Scorching Aftermath

by Ryan Murphy

  What started as a small shed fire in Lake County, California on September 12, 2015, turned into a raging fire that spread across the state, burning 76,000 acres, and leaving many animals abandoned, scorched and afraid for their lives. When the smoke had cleared, horses, turkeys, dogs, pigs, cats, goats and many other animals […]

Greed Over Grouses Blog

Greed over Grouses

by Ryan Murphy

  Late last month, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that the greater sage grouse would not be listed as endangered. This announcement comes after years of deliberation on the subject with many feeling angered by the outcome. Supporters of the grouse believe that the decision was based on motives of greed, rather than […]


From Dog Meat Farm to Loving Homes

by Web Team

  When one farmer agreed to shut down his dog meat farm, 103 dogs’ lives were spared. Hundreds more were also spared considering that the cages will now be torn down, never to hold another dog again. Unfortunately, the myth that there are two types of dogs – “meat dogs” and “pet dogs” – still […]


Great News! Tiger Finally Gets Justice

by Tiphani Davis

  Finally, justice has prevailed for Tiger, the Texan cat who was shot in the head with a bow and arrow by Kristen Lindsey, a heartless veterinarian. After posting her kill on Facebook this past April, Lindsey came under fire for not only bragging about taking the life of an innocent animal, but because she […]

IDA Africa Blog

Meet Carla and Nyanga

by IDA Africa

  Meet Carla and Nyanga On a beautiful clear day in the forests of IDA-Africa’s Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center, juvenile orphans Carla and Nyanga enjoy climbing and exploring in the trees. Below their human caregivers wait and watch, ever ready with fruit and water when the girls are ready for a rest. It was in […]


Activists March on Hollywood Blvd. & Around the World

by Lisa Levinson

Activists in seventy cities in thirty countries marched in solidarity last weekend to stand for abused and exploited animals, while distributing vegan literature. The Respect Life Campaign was initiated by the 269 Movement to unite all animal rights organizations everywhere. Over a hundred Los Angeles activists marched on Hollywood Blvd. and chanted to end animal […]


Vegan Company Under Attack

by Mark Molloy

  Fight back! Very, very troubling news broke a few weeks ago that taxpayer funded government organizations have been waging an illegal war against a plant based food producer. The food producer in question is Hampton Creek. As recently as August 5, 2015, the World Economic Forum named Hampton Creek a Technological Pioneer, an honor […]


Join the Herd!

by Caroline Saxon

  Revised Global March Invitation & Action Needed to Protect Elephants and Rhinos at CITES GLOBAL MARCH In Defense of Animals is partnering up with the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos in two cities in California this year but events are occurring internationally – just check out the website to learn more! Friday, October 2, […]