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Animal Agriculture and Food Poisoning

by Sarah Lucas

  Food-borne illnesses are responsible for the hospitalization of 128,000 and death of 3,000 Americans annually. All animal products can cause food poisoning, with the bodies of birds being the primary cause, although sometimes contaminated plant foods can cause it as well. Food-borne illnesses come from intestinal bacteria- something decidedly lacking in plants like spinach […]


Terrence Cody Starved His Dog to Death

by Doll Stanley

Terrence Cody, former Raven’s player, starved his dog to death.He allowed Taz, a Canary mastiff, to waste away, shrinking from 100 pounds to a mere 50 pounds. Taz’s condition was so shocking that the veterinarians who saw him called for an investigation that revealed Cody and his girlfriend, Kourtney J. Kelly, were also in possession […]

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Victory! A Huge Win for India’s Street Dogs!

by IDA India

  The Supreme Court of India on Wednesday passed a nationwide order to uphold the Prevention to Animals Cruelty Act, marking an end to the indiscriminate and often violent killing of street dogs. When areas such as Kerala proclaimed a war on dogs and called for the killing of large numbers of street dogs, animal […]

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Triple Hitter Fur Free Friday in Los Angeles

by Lisa Levinson

Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Glendale on Friday, November 27 Join IDA, PeTA, Last Chance for Animals, Direct Action Everywhere, and Animal Defenders International for three consecutive Fur-Free Friday protests at malls and shopping areas all over Los Angeles this year. Let’s turn Black Friday into Fur-Free Friday, the Biggest Vegan Shopping Day! Please encourage everyone […]


Great News, Guinness is Going Vegan!

by Nadia Schilling

  If you’re wondering, “What?! How is beer not vegan?” you’re not alone. Many people do not realize that the majority of commercial beers and wines contain a fish bladder gelatin commonly referred to as ‘isinglass’. Isinglass is fish gelatin which is used during the alcohol filtration process, meaning traces of fish bladders are present […]